The 2014 Arsies Rematch: February 16, 2018

February 16, 2018

I can believable!
Revocation's eponymous fourth album barrels out of the starting gate with a singleminded fury. It's perhaps the shreddiest album of 2013, and certainly features the most surefooted slab of modern thrash performances of this whole rematch (which is saying something). Just know that, if you want anything to consume other than red meat and virtuosic aggression, you're shit outta luck, as that's literally the only thing on the menu.
TesseracT do not hit the same levels of ferocity that Revocation achieve. And Altered State takes a few minutes to really build up a head of steam. But once it does, it delivers a multi-course musical feast, as sensuous as it is muscular as it is moody. And while Revocation is more blatantly metal, on the whole Altered State is the more realized and fulfilling album.
On Monday, we finish this. Again. The Dillinger Escape Plan and TesseracT settle the atter, once and for all.

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