The 2014 Arsies Rematch


Eagle-eyed viewer (and unofficial Quality Assurance Engineer for Metalligentsia) Brian O'Neill alerted me to a problem with a tournament from years past.
In preparation for the Fifth Annual Arsies, I'd rewritten the code that fuels the whole site. (Prior to 2014, it was a largely manual business, and in particular the brackets displayed on the website were static image files which I had to prerender before each day's competition. Nowadays, the brackets are rendered live via Javascript, which in turn interprets raw data on the fly.)
The switch from images to Javascript caused a subtle shift in the way that late-stage nodes are ordered, which resulted in a one-time misalignment of nodes. Long story longer: the last week of the 2014 Arsies should have started with a contest between Gorguts and The Dillinger Escape Plan; instead, Gorguts were incorrectly paired up with (and defeated by) Revocation. Revocation never went up against TesseracT, as fate intended. And the injustice was mostly overlooked, and treated as canon.
Until now. Truly, the fairest (some would say the only) solution to this gross oversight is a rematch of the Final Four of 2014, this time in the correct order. Now more than ever, I have no idea who is going to win. Will The Dillinger Escape Plan make a mockery of this rematch? Or will a new heir claim their rightful place in the annals of Arsie history? Either way, we're going to get three extra days of very excellent metal, starting on Wednesday with something that should have happened four years ago: Gorguts vs The Dillinger Escape Plan!
P.S. I've started toying with the idea of rewriting the site's presentation logic once again (four years is a long time for any Javascript to live on the Web). Brian, I may ask you to take a look before I make the switch publically.

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