The 2014 Arsies Rematch: February 14, 2018

February 14, 2018

The Dillinger Escape Plan (now defunct in 2018, RIP) start the day with the greatest album of their career, One Of Us Is The Killer. It's a jazz metal masterpiece. I mean, this is arguably the weakest track on the album, and it still is enough to flay flesh from bone. Seriously, this album is the whole package. Ferocity? Check. Replayability? Hella checked. Innovation? To this day, I hear something new every time I listen. Memorability? As much as a full body spasm can be.
The tragedy here is that Colored Sands is also the greatest jazz metal opus of Gorguts' career. More ominous than anything that DEP has done. Bleak and technical, Colored Sands holds the distinction of containing one of my favorite polyrhythms of all time, in easily the nastiest form I've ever heard before or since. But, as was also the case back in 2014, the weakness in Gorguts' onslaught comes down to a lack of variety or dynamics, and that leads to listener fatigue, which leads to trouble.
And so, even as Gorguts get a second chance at redemption, they are once again cast aside in the Semifinals. Will TesseracT also fail to master their destiny? Find out Friday, when they finally do battle against Revocation.

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